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An overview of the most significant comercial painting and decorating projects untaken by Driftway Decor painting and decorating services.


Development site:

The Kings Cross development

22C Handyside Street N1C 4AB

The highest standards of paint finishes were applied to this 30m luxury apartment situated at the Kings Cross development, with superb attention to detail and quality.


Development site:

The Riverwalk, 157-161 Milbank London SW1P 4RR

This 30m luxury penthouse apartment has received a full redecoration to the highest standards, using altaviolet light sources to highlight imperpections.

Customer Care

Here at Driftway Decor painting and decorating we endeavour to provide the best possible levels of service and professionalism with every effort made to produce high end paint finishes undertaken with the highest standards of cleanliness and in line with current health and safety.regulations.

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